February 23, 2024

Salted Black Tea: An American Professor Who Made a Wave in England

The British are famous for them Love for tea, especially traditional black tea. But recently an American chemistry professor took care of things Turbulence in teacups of the United Kingdom. Michael Frankl, a lecturer at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, dared her to do so. Thread “Advanced: The Chemistry of Tea” Unconventional advice Used to make black tea. Her recommendations beckoned Anger Emerged and led Diplomatic issues Between America and Great Britain.

From which order did Francl's instructions come? Milk in tea Unexpected pouring Addition of salt. For example, he suggested pouring the milk into the cup after tea and hot, as opposed to the traditional English method of adding cold milk. Additionally, he recommends adding a pinch of salt to flavor the tea Less bitter to create one Lemon To combat “foam” – and squeeze the tea bag well. These recommendations were made in England Suspicion and even hatred Recorded.

Microwave tea

British media, to begin with Daily Mail Until then Guardianreplied with Surprise and criticism For recommendations by American Prof. “Special Relationship” Tests were conducted between the United States and Great Britain American ambassador In London, Jane Hartley was forced to visit intervention. He assured us that it was not official US policy to put salt in tea, and jokingly insisted that US embassy staff prepare their tea the traditional way. Microwave.