RV Rental Company Roadsurfer RV Rental Company Aspires to USA Faster

MFrankfurt: Roadsurfer, a mobile home rental company in Munich, has already planned to expand its business to four other markets in Europe this year. New branches in England, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland have been added to existing rental stations in Germany, Austria, Portugal and France. A fifth country is now on the company’s list of expansions ahead of schedule, Markus Dekhart, co-founder and managing director of Roadsurfer GmbH, told FAZ. From June onwards, the company also wants to rent out its campsites to travelers in the US. So far, the move abroad was only planned for next year.

“We are initially starting with a rental terminal in the greater Los Angeles area and will establish a fleet of 20 to 50 camps there,” Dekhart said. It should not stay at a single branch in or near the capital in the far western United States. “Next year, we’d like to expand further, although we’re not limited to California or the West Coast.” To achieve this, Roadsurfer has established an American subsidiary and is currently hiring employees. “We rely on our own people in the process so that we can ensure the necessary quality,” Dekhart said. Roadsurfer’s stated goal is to give its customers the freedom, flexibility and joy of being outdoors. “If any country embodies these three things, it is the United States,” Deckhardt said. In the first step, the offer is aimed at travelers to the US who may already know the rental company from Germany or Europe. “As a second step, we also want to win over more American customers.”

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