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Britain does not recognize Voronezh and Rostov as part of Russia - RT EN

Britain does not recognize Voronezh and Rostov as part of Russia – RT EN

February 10, 2022 3:47 pm

During negotiations with her Russian counterpart Lavrov on Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth “Liz” used Truss to deny that the regions and cities of Rostov and Voronezh belong to Russia. Lavrov accused her of traveling to Moscow without preparation.

This is how wars began, and for a few minutes today the world seemed to be on edge, fortunately it was just the geographical incompetence of the British Foreign Secretary – and soon it was recognized as a mere mistake.

At the British-Russian negotiations on Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth “Liz” Truss declared in Moscow that Great Britain would never have considered the cities of Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don (and their surrounding areas, which are half the size of Germany). The territory of a state recognized in the Russian Federation and will continue to be unrecognized. The UK ambassador to Moscow, Deborah Boehnert, had to interrupt her superiors and explain that the Rostov and Voronezh regions had been Russian lands for centuries.

At the press conference that followed the two-hour conversation, there was an icy emotional cold. In diplomatic perfection, Lavrov accused Truss of having apparently traveled to Moscow unprepared. “Our detailed explanations fell on unprepared ground at least once,” he said with regret. The experienced diplomat added that he had never had to take part in the negotiations, which could have been conducted in public with the same ease: the British delegation repeatedly repeated what politicians in London had already announced in their media.

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The British delegation could not come to the detailed arguments of the Russian side:

“The demand for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Russian territory has not changed in any way with our arguments. There is no different tone. This is regrettable to say the least. If you refer to the fact that President Macron confirmed, after being told by Russian President Putin that there are no plans for an invasion, he comments Truss that words and deeds must be balanced.

At the press conference, Truss said that Russia must stop its “public threats” against Ukraine and fulfill the Minsk agreements. On the other hand, Lavrov clarified that only the Ukrainian side says that it does not want to hold direct negotiations with representatives of the separatist regions, for example. The Ukrainian foreign minister went so far as to say that the Minsk agreements did not provide for direct negotiations. Lavrov described his Ukrainian colleague’s statement as a clear lie and likened it to Goebbels’ propaganda. The Ukrainian side can only lie shamelessly because there is no need to fear contradictions from Washington, London, Berlin and Paris.

Kiev: Three countries join forces in a security agreement against Russia

When a British journalist asked him if Russian troops would return to their barracks after joint exercises with Belarus, the Russian foreign minister curtly replied that this was the norm. Lavrov suspected that the “entire drama and tragedy” surrounding Ukraine was of the making of the West only to be able to claim, after the Russian maneuvers, that Russia was now “reasonable”. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation concluded that Western policy is to “sell the air”.

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