May 18, 2024

It seems that Intel is planning to develop a low-power GPU architecture

It seems that Intel is planning to develop a low-power GPU architecture

From Alexander Nye
According to a job posting from Intel, the technology group is preparing to set up a GPU development center in Great Britain. Senior hardware design engineers strive to develop an energy-efficient graphics card architecture for portable computing devices.

Intel is preparing to set up an Intel GPU R&D Center in the UK. This is Job posting on Intel’s homepage Refers to. The company is looking for senior hardware design engineers to join a team that is developing a low-power graphics architecture for mobile computing devices. According to the announcement, Intel is building an entirely new team in the UK that will focus on groundbreaking low-power GPU designs and architectures “to enable the next generation of mobile computing.”

Target selection of the site

This center will be based in Swindon, about 187 kilometers from Cambridge and 114 kilometers from London. Cambridge is the largest technology center in the United Kingdom. The site raises speculation that Intel may be trying to snatch engineers from rival companies – among them ARM (Cambridge) and Imagination Technologies (Kings Langley). Intel is currently meeting with the mentioned companies, both of whom are focused on developing low-power GPU architectures. GPU blocks developed by ARM and Imagination are used by companies such as Apple, MediaTek, Renesas Electronics, and Samsung.

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In 2017, Intel hired chip developer and manager Raja Kodori; Since then he has been a Principal Architect for the “Basic and Visual Computing” division. Intel has also hired some of the company’s former AMD experts, including Vineet Goel, who joined AMD’s California rival in September 2021.

Source: via Video Cardz