June 23, 2024

RTL anchor Lola Webert on a serious topic - 'I'll Never Understand'

RTL anchor Lola Webert on a serious topic – ‘I’ll Never Understand’

Lola Weippert introduces a new family member on her Instagram channel.Photo: IMAGO / Oliver Angell

Helen Kleinschmidt

Curator and influencer Lola Weippert regularly shares private insights on her Instagram account and keeps talking about the topics that matter most to her. She’s currently in New York for a month and has been posting great news from there: she’s now a dog loan mom!

Lola Weippert takes care of a rescued dog

First, the RTL presenter shares a reel she plays with a dog in the park and can’t stop smiling. She writes below: “I am now a renting mom of dogs and I love them so much! We even live in the same house, we can go out with him anytime and I am so grateful for that.”

In the video, she explained that she asked the dog’s father if she could go for a walk with him. He even asked if she wanted money for it, and then she “Are you crazy? Definitely not!” answered.

Animal experiments were performed on Sami

In another article, Lola takes an insight into the fate of the dog Sami and finds root words on the subject of the dog. Sami was a “guinea pig”, and may have been experimented with on animals. However, Lola makes it clear in her story that she didn’t know what kind of auditions were.

He was rescued two days ago, and his claws are said to have “touched the grass for the first time”, after which Sami is said to have gone mad. It was cute, but also sad at the same time.

“Dogs are living creatures, work means, you have to invest a lot of time and energy.”

Then Lola appealed to her followers: “If you want to have an animal, please don’t let it raise you, but save it and give it a better life.” It is not about designing dogs and using them to determine what they should look like. You can’t “put it in the closet like a handbag when you’re tired of it.” “Dogs are living creatures, it means work, you have to invest a lot of time and energy,” continues the RTL presenter.

Lola appeals to her fans

Her story is also full of cute dog content. You write again about not understanding it: “I will never understand how a dog can be abused and tested in this way.” Dogs deserve “unconditional love” on their own. At the same time, she again expressed her request: “If you want to have a dog, please save it and do not let anyone raise you.”

In a longer sequence, she explains that she grew up with dogs on a farm and can sense what they need. In addition, one fan notes that in Germany you can go to an animal shelter to walk dogs there. Lola also thinks this suggestion is a good idea. She also uses her communication to share photos and information about a rescued dog still looking for a home.

Lola Weippert appeals to her fans.

Lola Weippert appeals to her fans.Screenshot: instagram / lolaweippert

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