May 22, 2024

Rotel RA-1592MKII with B&W 603 and more: PCGHX community audio systems

to update: This very popular sound system topic on the forum needs some fresh air and is looking for a new post – Like the last one from LastManStanding, who shared with us a little about his latest investment, the Rotel RA-1592MKII. The built-in amplifier delivers 200 watts in AB mode at 8 ohms and supports music sources with analogue, digital, XLR, aptX wireless, AAC Bluetooth, PC-USB with MQA, and MM phono input. The 32-bit/384kHz D/A converter and carefully tuned audio circuitry are said to provide “brilliant phase with precise localization.”

Audio systems such as speakers, amplifiers and record players are also very popular at PCGH Extreme. That's why we're showing a current selection of audio devices uploaded to the forum in the following gallery – without claiming they're complete. Enjoy the updated images. If you want to upload pictures of your sound system to the forum yourself, just use this Sound system image theme on PCGH Extreme. It has already received more than 1,280 answers and nearly 670,000 visits.

notice: PCGH Extreme It is a computer mechanics society. On August 20, 2007, the PC Games Hardware Extreme Forum opened its doors to interested readers for the first time on the occasion of Gaming Congress 2007. Initially, the forum ran in parallel with the old PCGH forum and the content revolved almost exclusively around overclocking and modding. Since 2008, PC Games Hardware Extreme has been the one-stop forum for all members of the PCGH community and covers a wide range of topics. Since launch, over 520,000 topics and 10,200,000 posts have been created by over 200,000 registered users. Folding@Home has been very active for many years.Communitywhich together provide computational power against diseases such as cancer.

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