April 23, 2024

Dropbox has now launched in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11

Cloud provider Dropbox is now represented in the Microsoft Store by a new app. The app is available there for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users – but it's still marked as 'beta'.

Advantage over the web version

This is according to a report by Microsoft and former Dropbox developer Rudy Huyn. The official app is now available Microsoft Store is available.

Like the built-in OneDrive client, Dropbox for Windows also provides various functions that make working with files stored in the cloud easier. For example, the official app can upload files faster than the web version and save storage space by offloading local files to Dropbox for online-only mode.

You can also check upload status, recent activity, file version history, and much more.

According to the description these are all the functions:

  • Upload files to Dropbox faster than the website
  • Access all your content directly from your desktop
  • Save hard drive space by easily storing local files on your computer online only in Dropbox
  • View upload status and recent file activity by clicking the Dropbox icon on your computer's taskbar
  • Right-click a file to sign it, send it for signing, view version history, and more — all from your desktop

The official Dropbox app is available on x64 and ARM systems running Windows 10 and 11, version 21H2 and later (Build number 19044 or later). Anyone who previously obtained the Windows 10 app from other sources, i.e. directly from Dropbox or for example from the WinFuture download center, should delete the old installation before testing the App Store version.

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By the way, the app is still marked as “beta” in the Microsoft Store.

download Dropbox – Sync files to the cloud


  • Dropbox beta app is now available in the Microsoft Store
  • Available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users
  • It was developed by former Dropbox employee Rudy Huyn
  • Allows faster downloads than the web version
  • Saves storage space by online offloading
  • Download status and file activity can be viewed
  • Supports x64 and ARM systems from version 21H2
  • Delete the old installation before testing the Store version
  • The app is still featured as a beta version in the store

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