April 23, 2024

Will Google SGE come on May 14? Seo in your ear – Episode 297

There are rumors that Google may replace the current search with the new AI search “SGE” as early as May 14. What does this mean for website owners and SEOs?

Google will likely launch on May 14, to coincide with the Google I/O conference that will be held at that time. It will switch to the new search “SGE”.. However, this will likely initially only affect a small percentage of search queries.

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Google no longer just displays so-called top ads at the top of organic search results; But also between them. The documents have been adapted accordingly.

Uses Google The age of the site and the sudden increase in its visibility as signals of useful content?

As of now there are hardly any websites on the internetwho lost out in Google's September useful content update and who managed to recoup their losses in the ongoing core update.

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Written by Christian Kunz

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