Rocket League Sideswipe Season 1 Now Available for iOS and Android • Nintendo Connect

Psyonix announced today that the first season of Sideswipe Rocket League, brand new, free Rocket LeagueA mobile game, now available worldwide on iOS and Android!

Sideswipe Rocket League

Sideswipe Rocket League
Sideswipe Rocket League

In the first season of Sideswipe Rocket League Players can unlock cosmetic items and progress through the free Rocket Pass by playing matches online. The competitive ranks have also been reset and players can play ranked matches online to receive rewards based on the highest competitive rank once the first season is over. Those who participated in the pre-season will also receive a bonus, a title based on the competitive standings achieved at the end of the pre-season. For more information about competitive play and pre-season rewards, please visit here In the current blog post.

Rocket League Crossover Event

The Rocket League Crossover event is also available from today until January 25, 2021. Players can complete two challenges in Sideswipe to win Nuhai Upturned Wheels and Wow! target blast in Rocket League and in Sideswipe Rocket League Unlock! They can also use the song “Water Resistant” by Anamanaguchi as their player anthem Rocket League If you log in to Sideswipe before the end of the event. To unlock cross event content, players must use the same Epic Games account they’re using it for Rocket League Use, you are logged into Sideswipe. Finally the songs are over Sideswipe Rocket League now too Rocket League Available as a playlist on the radio.

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