July 16, 2024

Rishi Sunak wants more oil and gas from North Sea – Friday

Rishi Sunak wants more oil and gas from North Sea – Friday

Can you see him? What are our environmental cues to a new equilibrium hostile to most life forms? I am can see him. The sudden acceleration of environmental crises we have experienced this year, coupled with the inaction of powerful governments, is pushing us towards a point of no return. When the planet’s temperature rose sharply during the so-called Permian-Triassic crisis 252 million years ago, the global water cycle more or less stopped, soil erosion occurred, deserts spread across much of the Earth’s surface, and oceans became acidic. , 90 percent of all species are extinct.

In other words, Earth’s systems were rendered uninhabitable for most species at that time. If we do nothing, we will meet the same fate.

A study published this year It assumes that the complete loss of late summer sea ice in the Arctic could occur as early as the 2030s. This can trigger more extreme weather events in the Northern Hemisphere by weakening the jet stream. It seems to melt in turn Circulation of currents in the Southern Ocean That’s down about 30 percent since the 1990s. The largest carbon sink in tropical wetlands and permafrost peatlands in the Arctic appears to be approaching a tipping point: Methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere suddenly increase Would recommend it. The effects are already noticeable.

Which event would lead to eight degrees of global warming

July this year was the hottest month on record. September broke the previous record by 0.5 degrees! A study published last year This explains how climate collapse can trigger social collapse. Within 50 years, one-third of the world’s population will live in warmer climates Like the hotter parts of the Sahara Nowadays. Many of these regions are already highly unstable politically. But there is worse news.

Possible effect of increasing CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere Loss of “stratocumulus clouds”. – so far these reflect up to 60 percent of shortwave sunlight back into space. If they disappear, it will lead to about eight degrees of warming on the Earth’s surface. from one A recently published study 48 percent of the world’s species show population declines. This means that more wild animals and plants may be threatened with extinction than previously thought.

If the extinction of species is a sign of environmental decline, are our species’ days also numbered? But instead of facing the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, our governments are heading for the abyss. A good example: Rishi Sunak.

Rishi Sunak wants more licenses for oil and gas production in the North Sea

British Prime Minister’s Conservative government accelerates the granting of licenses for oil and gas production in the North Sea; Award rounds are held for new projects every year. This is what a law on November 7 says “The King’s Speech” Presented in Parliament. The responsible authority, the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), had already issued 27 licenses in October.

None of Sunak’s employees have that? New course Natural climate change According to? According to this, the remaining carbon budget (the amount of CO₂ humans can emit to maintain a 50 percent chance of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees) will be exhausted in six years. Exceeding this temperature limit can only be prevented if fossil fuels are left in the ground.

Now every hour “If only we!” This provides an opportunity to avoid the collapse of our Earth system. However dark our times may be, future generations will look back on them as a golden age. Golden age of wildlife, moderate weather, stability, prosperity, opportunity for action. The shade of gray our world once was – yes. But it was a living paradise compared to what it would become. If not…

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