October 4, 2023

Review of the book "The Light" - Spectrum of Science

Review of the book “The Light” – Spectrum of Science

What Serge Harush wants his readers to understand is by no means easy: Katzen states, Wegner functions, Fresnel vectors, Rydberg atoms, Ramsay interferometers, Rabe oscillations. Explains how to count light quantities without seeing them and how to play ping pong with them. Anyone who has read all of this without getting a headache has a remarkable ability to focus. Harush knows exactly what he’s talking about, because the French physicist was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2012 for his extraordinary achievements in the experimental investigation of individual quantum systems. This was in appreciation of the fact that he was able to carry out basic quantum phenomena in the laboratory, which for decades had only existed in textbooks as theoretical thought experiments.