On Women in Science and Peace in the World: Children’s University Leipzig begins June 17 – News from Leipzig

After a break due to the pandemic, the Children’s University of Leipzig returns to Odimax. Pupils aged 8 to 12 can savor the lecture hall air again from 17 June. A TikTok influencer talks about women in science, and researchers from the University of Leipzig about the success of inventions, the inspiration of Nobel Peace Prize winners, and the relationship between learning and movement. A diverse program awaits young students at the Children’s University of Leipzig.

The Free lecture series It starts with Leonie Schuller. Historian, journalist, and TikTok influencer researches the history of women in science and asks why they have had to struggle so much more than men for recognition. In addition, young listeners learn from her what Hollywood actress to thank for WLAN.

On June 24, Diana Schmidt and Marcus Mayer explained how you can be successful with your own invention. As trainers on Smile – the start-up initiative at the University of Leipzig – they have already accompanied many companies on their path from business idea to sale and know how they end up making more money than they spend.

On July 1, Solveig Richter, Professor of International Relations and Transnational Politics at the University of Leipzig, dedicated his efforts to world peace and those who fight for it. It takes students on a journey around the world – from Colombia through the Western Balkans to South Africa and India and introduces Nobel Peace Prize winners who risk their lives to defend the lives of others.

At the end of the lecture series, on the 8th of July, Professor Christian Andra will show his audience in a very practical way what natural and sustainable learning means. If we want to understand and hold on to things for the long term, we usually don’t use the full potential that we already have as human beings. Although the content of learning is stored in our brain, the whole organism is always involved in the learning process – that is, the whole body. It is guaranteed to be used in the last lecture at the Children’s University.

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“This year we have an exciting mix of speakers – from innovative students to well-known professors. I am very pleased that we can demonstrate this diversity at the university. I think it is especially important to talk about peace research today,” emphasizes Dr. Dominique Becher, Coordinator of the Children’s University and the Studium universale lecture series at the University of Leipzig.

Under the hashtag #Gernelernen, a diverse digital show for children and youth has been produced in collaboration with MDR Knowledge in the past two years of the pandemic. Registration in the Children’s University is required in: www.eveeno.com/kunisommer2022.

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