December 4, 2023

Re: Brexit and the misery afterwards in the TV show

The small British city of Boston is located in the county of Lincolnshire, the “Garden of the United Kingdom”. Wheat, vegetables and flowers dominate the landscape as far as the eye can see. But Boston isn’t just famous for its roses and cabbages, the city has also been a Brexit stronghold since 2016. A proud 75% of residents voted to leave the European Union, an expression of resistance to rapid globalization and the economic decline of a city plagued by unemployment and low wages. .

Despite several changes of government, Brexit has failed to solve problems exacerbated by the pandemic and the energy crisis. On the contrary: as a result of leaving the EU, distrust of politics has increased and the gap between locals and immigrants has widened. Two years after Brexit took effect, Re: interviews small-town residents, who oscillate between disillusionment and hope for better times.

Retired railway worker Andy Izzard voted for Brexit. He was persuaded by the promises of the Brexit campaign – more autonomy and higher investment in public services. Today Andy regrets his decision because the £350 million promised for the collapse of the NHS was never delivered.

Anton Dani runs a city center café that was the “headquarters” for Yes voters during the Brexit campaign. Antoun hails from Morocco, was a former mayor of the city and, above all, advocated for restrictions on immigration. He continues to support anti-European sentiment and criticize the inefficiency of the new immigration rules. His family does not share his point of view.

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The Rev. Val Ogden leads one of the city’s Methodist churches. She is from Manchester and voted against Brexit in 2016. Her church sent her to Boston, where she wants to rebuild her community despite all the divisions. The priest is also struggling against the social misery exacerbated by Brexit. More and more people are using organized food distribution. (channel information)