December 4, 2023

Radiant Photo is now also available as a smartphone app for Android and iOS

Radiant Photo is now also available as an app for Android or iOS smartphones. It comes as a free version exclusively with automatic functions and as a paid application that also allows manual intervention.

The photo editing app Radiant Photo was already announced as a smartphone app for Android and iOS at the beginning of October, and now it’s finally available! As manufacturers say, it took longer for Google and Apple to release Radiant Photo for mobile devices. But the wait was worth it for those interested. photoscala I was able to take a first look at the app and was very impressed with it. Even 100-megapixel raw files from the Fujifilm GFX100S II can be seamlessly edited in Radiant Photo on your existing iPhone.

Radiant Photo comes in two versions: as a free app and a paid version. While the free version only offers automatic image enhancement, the paid app offers options for manual editing, batch editing, and more. Radiant Photo No Restrictions Free Edition costs $29.99 annually or $49.99 one-time. More information and direct links to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store Is it here?.

The Radiant Photo software platform lists the following app features:

  • Intelligent scene recognition: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting settings for different environments. The app automatically detects the scene and optimizes your photo accordingly. It’s trained to work with all types of images: whether it’s a landscape, a portrait, a photo of a pet, or an underwater shot, the app recognizes the elements in the photo and adjusts exposure, color, tint, and more pixel by pixel.
  • Automatic AI editor: You can quickly enhance photos on your device without having to move them to the cloud first. Plus, you can still fine-tune or get more creative; The application allows you to adjust all settings manually.
  • Perfect light: Brighten dark images and relight difficult scenes with ease. They can also soften harsh contrasts and even remove highlights from the skin.
  • Improve your videos: The application also provides you with powerful auto-enhancement functions for video recordings.
  • Edit many photos at once: Save time and effort by editing many photos at once. You can quickly refine the results and apply them to additional images.
  • Reading from camera memory cards and SSD drives: Open your photos and videos directly from your camera memory card or SSD drive with the ease and speed of USB-C. On iPhone, you can also save directly to your USB drive.
  • Works without the cloud: You don’t need to upload anything to the cloud. The application runs on your mobile device without a data connection. Edit photos from anywhere, anytime – and don’t wait for results.
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