December 6, 2023

NasaPlus: The space agency launches a free streaming service


This streaming service is out of this world – and it’s free

The US space agency NASA launched the live streaming service “NASA+”. The platform aims to give as many interested parties as possible access to Cosmos’ documentaries, and is therefore completely free.


NASA+ was announced with this trailer.

  • NASA has launched its own streaming service.

  • NASA+ has been available since November 8th.

  • The free platform aims to enable as many people as possible to access NASA research.

Good news for science enthusiasts and those interested in space: NASA’s new streaming service has also been available in Switzerland for a few days – and unlike Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, it is completely free for users. Nasa+ is the name of the portal that aims to introduce adults, as well as children, to the vastness of space and get them excited about it.

That’s what NASA+ offers

At launch, NASA+ is offering several documentary series, including two series covering the James Webb Space Telescope – the most powerful telescope of its kind. The platform also has a series about the personal stories of NASA astronauts and scientists working on the return of America’s first telescope. Asteroid sample work, on display.

NASA+ contains an animated series for children, aiming to introduce young viewers to the secrets of the universe and galactic worlds. In addition, ultra-resolution images from the universe are presented, accompanied by a suitable soundtrack. NASA+ will also live stream future rocket launches.

Here’s how to stream NASA+

NASA+ content is available, among other things, via the corresponding website. Additionally, Nasa+ content can be accessed via the Nasa app, available for Android, iOS, and the streaming platforms Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV.

This is what NASA wants to achieve with its live streaming service

With the launch of NASA+, NASA content aims to be more discoverable and accessible. NASA’s websites were reviewed at the beginning of the year in order to achieve this goal. “The new streaming platform and NASA app are the place where the world can accompany us to explore the unknown,” NASA’s Mark Etkind told With the new digital presence, everyone should be able to access NASA research around the clock.

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