Published a list of the most dangerous cities in Europe

Research company Numbeo has published a list of the most dangerous cities in Europe. Bradford, a city in the north of England, tops the infamous list. They are followed by Marseille (France) in second place and Catania (Italy) in third place.

Several criteria, such as a measurable level of crime, were taken into account when determining the ranking. However, subjective impressions such as concerns about attacks, burglary, or theft were also included in the assessment. Corruption and bribery were also taken into account. that writes “oe24”.

Like San Sebastian and Munich, Zurich and Bern are among the safest cities in Europe.

In an international comparison, Europe and Asia are among the safest continents. None of the twenty most dangerous cities in the world are located on the European or Asian continent.

Therefore the most dangerous city in the world is Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. In general, many of the most dangerous cities are located on the South American continent. Brazil in particular has a high crime rate.

Crime is also prevalent in South Africa. Three of the five most criminal cities in the world are located in South Africa.

According to Numbeo, the safest cities in the world are Abu Dhabi, Doha and Taipei.

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