December 4, 2023

An imminent volcanic eruption in Iceland: what will happen to the animals?

Volcanic eruption

Evacuation of a city in Iceland: what happens to the animals?

The city of Grindavik has been evacuated due to ongoing earthquakes. After residents first fled to safety, many have now returned to rescue their animal friends.


The earthquakes, which continued for several days, caused severe damage to roads.

20 minutes

  • In Iceland there is great concern about the impending volcanic eruption.

  • Persistent earthquakes continue to tear up roads around the area.

  • After the evacuation of the people of Grindavik, more and more animals are now being brought to safety.

The southwestern tip of Iceland has not calmed down yet, even days after a series of earthquakes: according to the risk management portal Crisis24, a state of emergency was still in effect in Grindavik on Tuesday, and residents were not yet able to return to their homes.

The risk is still great

The multi-day earthquake swarm, the name given to a series of similar strong earthquakes in the same area, is gradually weakening, but authorities are still warning of a possible volcanic eruption.

These people are still on site

Constant activity is also visible in the streets around Grindavik: some large cracks appear in the asphalt In other places, lines were also created by shifting ground Exposed to. Now almost only employees of the Icelandic authorities are present in the area and are constantly assessing the situation.

Residents of Grindavik, which has a population of about 4,000 and is located 40 kilometers southwest of the capital Reykjavik, have been warned of the impending danger. They were evacuated on the evening of November 10 – And in a hurry.

The fact that so many pets and countless farm animals have been left behind has prompted several Icelandic animal protection organizations to take action. On Monday, townspeople now had the opportunity to briefly return to their accommodation and bring other valuables and their animal friends to safety.

These animals are still found in Grindavik

As of Monday evening, only a few animals remained in the city: 11 cats, ten chickens and a rabbit were still in Grindavik, according to the animal protection organization Dýrfinna – but they may have been moved to safety by their owners without informing the organization. From this he became.

They can on Tuesday Those affected will once again be given the opportunity to go home temporarily To return if they can’t take advantage on Monday. Whether the current risk situation allows this or not is still being clarified, writes Iceland’s Morgunblaðið.

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