December 8, 2023

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BEIJING, April 20 /PRNewswire/

On May 30, a selection of videos from the National Communication Center for Science and Technology (NCCST) on the theme “Promoting Science Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Value Creation” was featured on a dedicated page. The videos were released through and other platforms to allow audiences at home and abroad to admire the spirit of Chinese scientists and learn more about how China works as a science and technology powerhouse at the forefront.

The videos are divided into three chapters: “Introduction: The Origin of the New Age Mind of Chinese Scholars,” “Main Story: The Essence of the New Age Mind of Chinese Scholars,” and “Conclusion: A New Chapter of the New Age Mind of Chinese Scholars,” and six subtopics. The videos focus on the origin and development of the minds of Chinese scientists, honoring the Chinese scholars who have made great contributions to the advancement of science and technology, the improvement of people’s lives, and the development of China on the road to national done renewal.

As we aim to make China a world leader in science and technology, NCCST strives to enhance communication and implement scientific and technological achievements by engaging in academic exchanges and international cooperation to share the latest domestic developments and promote abroad. The center also seeks to nurture the spirit of scholars by promoting scientific culture and eminent scientists. While conveying the spirit of scholars, it also hopes to integrate patriotism into China’s innovation-based development strategy, so that the public will willingly respect and trust science and contribute to China’s innovation-based development strategy for social and economic development.

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