December 5, 2023

Prison instead of hospital: Zeckberler had a “heart attack” – and ended up in handcuffs

Here “El Gastrojeta” was arrested by the Spanish police.

National Police

Better to have a heart attack than pay the bill: In Alicante, Spain, a Lithuanian tried to cheat on the bill by feigning an emergency. But the man’s acting skills were not enough.

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  • The suspected fraudster is already known in the Spanish coastal city of Alicante on the Costa Blanca.
  • How it works: Before the bill arrives, the man nicknamed “El Gastrojeta” sneaks out.
  • If he gets caught, he will fake a heart attack. But the police can no longer be fooled.

Normally, if you have a heart attack in a restaurant, the ambulance will come. Instead, police responded to the Spanish port city of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Because the man who allegedly collapsed was a known fraud.

how “Espanyol” According to reports, one Lithuanian is said to have used the same trick to avoid the mine twenty times. But things haven’t always gone so well, so “El Gastrojeta,” as Spanish media call him, is already known to the police.

But that didn’t stop him from trying El Buen Comer again. The man enjoyed a seafood paella and two glasses of whisky. When he then wanted to leave the restaurant, the waiter indicated to him that he still had to pay.

“El Gastrojeta” never loses her smile

But at that very moment El Gastrojeta grabbed her heart and threw it dramatically to the ground. But that wasn’t really convincing: the restaurant’s employees called the police.

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They recognized the man from previous missions. “The modus operandi has always been the same,” says a police spokesman. “from the inside” To the heart attack scam. However, the police first checked whether El Gastrojeta was actually okay, before taking him away in handcuffs. The alleged coachbuilder again spent the night in a cell before appearing before a judge. He is accused of fraud.

But the man – who, by the way, does not speak Spanish – never loses his good mood: “He actually always smiles when we come,” the police officer who arrested El Gastrojeta four times tells El. Espanyol.”

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