February 29, 2024

Alex (17 years old) who is kidnapped does not want to see his mother behind bars

Alex has now spoken about his fate on the TV show Good Morning Britain. He says he “probably” won't see his mother and grandfather anymore.

However, Alex stresses that he does not want his mother and his kidnapper to go to prison. He doesn't want to see her and David finds him behind bars.

“That's why I didn't come home early. All I was worried about was that they would be locked up,” says the young Briton.

Alex says of the six years he spent with his mother that he remembers the time as “boring.” He was “very isolated from his peers.” He spent most of his time reading books or watching movies.

At first he was excited to be with his mother again. But after a certain period I realize: this life is “not the best for me.”

Alex has now returned with his grandmother Susan to Manchester, England, where he lived before the kidnapping. In 2017, he visited his mother, Melanie, in Spain. She lost custody of the eleven-year-old to his grandmother – and she wouldn't let him go. Finally, Alex suddenly appears in France at the end of 2023.

The teenager also talks about his escape on December 11 in the program. That night, while his mother was sleeping, he packed his things, wrote a farewell letter, and fled.

“It was a normal day actually. “It was a very quick decision to try it that day,” Alex says. He simply felt that the time had come. Alex then reportedly traveled more than 35 kilometers before he was found by the delivery driver.

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