July 15, 2024

Poland: A thief disguises himself next to fashion models

Poland: A thief disguises himself next to fashion models


He did not move until after the store closed

A man has been accused of pretending to be a model in a Warsaw store in order to steal jewelery after closing time.


No one noticed his disguise, but he couldn’t fool the security camera.

Warsaw Police

  • In Warsaw, a man stood quietly next to the models, then waited for the store to close.

  • When he felt safe, he started the robbery.

  • The 22-year-old now faces up to ten years in prison.

A surveillance camera filmed a 22-year-old young man standing in a store window, holding a bag in his hand. According to the police, the accused went to different sections of the shopping center after closing time Polish capital Warsaw On a robbery spree. The man is also accused of stealing items from a second mall.

But why was the thief caught? According to Warsaw police, employees and customers did not notice anything unusual. The man stood still in the shop window and blended in visually With models. According to police, he stopped until he felt safe and then walked through the different departments after closing time before stealing the jewelery – unfortunately CCTV recorded the whole thing. So he was caught by security after all.

He faces up to ten years in prison

The man is accused of other crimes. In one case, he allegedly had dinner at a restaurant in another mall and waited for closing time. According to police, he then entered a clothing store and “changed into new clothes” before returning to the restaurant for another meal.

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In another incident at a different location, the 22-year-old waited until closing time and then “took money from several cash registers and attempted to steal additional items,” police spokesman Robert Zumiyata said. But that’s over now. According to the BBC, the suspect has been charged with burglary and theft and faces up to ten years in prison.

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