October 1, 2023

Marcus Rashford von ManU (picture alliance / EMPICS Sport)

Prince William calls for an end to the racist abuse of footballers

Prince William has strongly criticized the racist attacks on black footballers in the Premier League.

The son of Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles, said the racist insults – whether on the field, in the stands or on social media – are despicable and should stop immediately. In his job as president of the National Football League, Prince William privately asked social media operators to be more assertive in combating xenophobic insults. Such abuse should not be tolerated. Those who spread hatred and division should be held accountable for their actions. Players and all other users of social media should be protected from racial abuse. Whenever possible, online hate speech will have offline consequences.

The issue was raised again on the Instagram social media channel due to the xenophobic insults against England international Marcus Rashford of Manchester United on the social media channel Instagram. Before Rashford, teammates Anthony Martial and Axel Towanzibi as well as Reese James of Chelsea Football Club and Romain Sawers of West Ham United were insulted on social media last week.

This message was broadcast on February 1, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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