December 4, 2023

Prince Harry: Controversy over Christmas? He has to go home

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan An argument about Christmas? He has to go home

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

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It won’t be Prince Harry’s first Christmas away from his family in Great Britain – yet this year’s holidays could turn into a contentious one between him and Duchess Meghan. Royal Expert:Inside determined: Harry wants to go home.

Prince Harry, 39, and Duchess Meghan, 42, spent Christmas 2019 in Great Britain with the royal family. The Sussexes shine next to Catherine, Princess of Wales, 41, Prince William, 41, and King Charles, 74, in photos from their Christmas walk in Sandringham. Royal expert Emily Andrews is convinced that Harry would love to return to his home country. For Christmas 2023 – this wish may clash with Meghan’s ideas.

Prince Harry: Christmas with his family? “He misses Britain so much”

The Sussexes are expected to spend the holidays in a small circle if they stay in America. Apart from Harry’s family, who will be passing through Sandringham, there won’t be many members of Meghan’s family at the couple’s table in Montecito. There will always be a place for Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, 67 – but her father Thomas Markle, 79, and her half-sister Samantha Markle, 58, often don’t have this festive offer. There have been repeated clashes between the Duchess and this part of her family in recent months and years.

Is this the Christmas walk in Sandringham that Prince Harry missed? He and Meghan last partied in 2019.

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The Mirror quoted a source close to the Sussexes as saying: “Harry loves his wife and kids, he’s happy, but he misses the UK a lot.” The Duchess is a stark contrast to Meghan, who seems to be more comfortable outside of Great Britain. This was not only proven by her absence from important royal events that Harry himself traveled to. Emily Andrews is convinced the duchess “couldn’t control her image” in her husband’s home country. She can do this better in America. A theory supported by Meghan’s contract with artist agency “WME”. In America, he “enjoys being a celebrity,” says Andrews.

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Meghan is said to be reluctant to return to London for a while

A close friend of the Sussexes talks to the Sunday Times about returning to Great Britain – only partially. The Mirror quotes him as saying: “Meghan seems to have decided what she wants to do, but Harry wants to do it.” The insider believes Britain is particularly “attractive” to the prince — “whatever happens. […] There’s work to be done here in terms of charities and there will be occasions in the future where he’ll want to be here a bit more.” Whether Christmas 2023 is one of those occasions remains to be seen.

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