Prime Minister search in Great Britain: Johnson may have support for candidacy

Status: 10/22/2022 5:04 pm

According to media reports in Great Britain, former Finance Minister Sunak and former Prime Minister Johnson have reached the number of supporters needed for Prime Minister Trudeau’s bid to win.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who left office after a series of scandals, is reported to have enough support in his party to run for re-election. The BBC and broadcaster Sky News both report that they have reached the 100 supporter threshold and can compete with them.

The chief political commentator of the “Sunday Times” and the political editor of the “Guardian” also confirmed this on Twitter, citing unnamed sources.

No official nomination yet

The 58-year-old is yet to officially announce his candidacy. He returned earlier than planned from a vacation in the Caribbean with his family, fueling speculation. Johnson also scattered allies that he was ready to run.

until Monday afternoon

To run for the top job, candidates need the support of at least 100 MPs. Nominations can be received until Monday afternoon. As the Conservative Party has 357 members, a maximum of three candidates can be nominated. If more than two candidates form the required threshold, the circle must be reduced when voting in a parliamentary committee.

If there are two finalists after that, the party will vote in online voting during base week. A decision can be taken before Friday if a candidate withdraws voluntarily.

Sunak? Mordant? Who else?

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak is currently the favorite and the first likely candidate Get 100 Conservative MPs behind you can He is yet to officially announce his candidacy. Also in the running is Parliamentary Affairs Minister Benny Mordant. She recruits supporters.

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Truss resigned Thursday. In early September, he replaced Johnson, who resigned.

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