June 20, 2024

Pope pays tribute to indigenous people: "The spirit of community is very real"

Pope pays tribute to indigenous people: “The spirit of community is very real”

In a tweet this Tuesday afternoon, Pope Francis commemorated the UN World Day of Indigenous Peoples. This Tuesday’s Remembrance Day let’s not forget “what we owe them for land exploitation and colonialism,” according to the United Nations.

Mario Calcano – Vatican City

The Pope writes on his German-language Twitter account:

“How precious is the most genuine intimacy and sense of community among the aborigines! How important it is to carefully cultivate the bond between young and old, and to maintain a healthy and harmonious relationship with all creation!

Francis’ words are addressed to millions of indigenous peoples. They occupy almost a quarter of the Earth’s land surface. Most of them are “protectors and protectors of creation” – as Pope Francis said during his recent visit to Canada – and yet are more vulnerable than others to climate change and human exploitation of the earth, the UN said on World Indigenous Day. . In the tweet, the Pope echoes some of the points he reiterated during his recent trip to Canada, his “pilgrimage of repentance” for the indigenous peoples who inhabit this vast land so damaged by colonialism.

These days, the Pope addresses current topics in his daily tweets, such as world days or moments of remembrance. So Monday’s tweet was devoted to conversation. Almost 676,000 followers are currently registered on the German-language account @Pontifex_de. 19 million Twitter users subscribe to the English language channel. This makes the Pope the most followed person on Twitter worldwide.

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(Vatican News)