February 25, 2024

Pokémon Go: Pain 100% IV: This is how you can catch the perfect specimen

pain It is known as the Bearfish Pokémon, although at first glance it looks more like an eel than a fish. You can catch Water and Ground Pokémon in Pokémon Go and add them to the Pokédex there. And evolve into a real fish!

Below you can see ours Guide the IV values ​​are ideal for pain in Pokemon Go We'll show you what shiny looks look like.

Contents of Pokémon Go: Pain 100% IV:

What are the ideal pain values ​​in Pokémon Go?

The word “perfect” can mean two things in Pokémon Go, depending on what you plan to do with your Pokémon. On the one hand, we have the best possible version of a Pokemon with an IV value of 100% and values ​​of 15/15/15.

Of course, you can't directly see a Pokémon's IV value without capturing it, but its HP can be used to determine whether the silly material in front of you has ideal values.

If you reach at least trainer level 30, the following WP values ​​correspond to ideal pain with 15/15/15:

  • Level 30 (max WP) – 702 WP
  • Level 35 (max WP with weather boost) – 760 WP

Up to level 30, the WP value still depends on your trainer level. Since the majority of players have now reached level 30, we will leave this general information at that. But keep in mind that the values ​​may differ if you have not yet reached level 30.

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Is there a shiny pain in Pokémon Go?

Shining pain It has been available in Pokémon Go for a long time. If you develop the sparkling version, you'll get it that way Shiny and left.

Especially near bodies of water, you are likely to encounter someone walking or swimming. In certain events he also appears repeatedly in other places.

To evolve Pain into Welsar, you need 50 candies.

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What does a shiny ulcer look like?

It's very easy to see the differences between the regular and iris versions. In the Iridescent pain The color of the blue areas of the body changes to yellow. And in Iridescent catfish The yellow body parts, in turn, take on a redder color.

This is what the shine looks like:

Shimmery Shiny and Welsar Shiny.

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