June 21, 2024

Passenger attack: Qatar Airways prepares for the FIFA World Cup attack

Passenger attack: Qatar Airways prepares for the FIFA World Cup attack

The use of the old airport and shuttle flights to neighboring countries and the reduction of the Qatar Airways flight schedule. The World Cup also presents a challenge to flying in Qatar.

It starts on November 20. The start of the FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar. The host team meets Ecuador in the opening match.

Then we will see if all the preparations in the desert country are sufficient to withstand the onslaught of the masses. Even before that, some measures will come into effect that will affect the travel and aviation industries. The country of 2.7 million is suspending entry for ordinary visitors from November 1 to December 23.

Only those with a ticket are allowed to enter the country

During this period, only Qatari nationals or official ID holders are allowed to cross the border by land, sea or air. Certain visa holders essential to maintaining the country’s economy and a limited number of people on humanitarian missions are also allowed in.

The only other exception applies to visitors who have already obtained a ticket for the World Cup match. You must also apply for a special visa, called the Hayya Card. This allows them to enter Qatar, to enter stadiums, and to travel freely on public transport.

150,000 coming per day

Despite this measure, the small country expects more than a million visitors. This would be too much for Hamad International Airport as well. For this reason, the country has revitalized the old international airport, which is currently used by the ruling family and private jets.

The departure hall at Doha International Airport is designed to accommodate 2,000 departing passengers per hour. It has 83 check-in counters, 52 customs counters and 22 gates. About 150,000 people are expected to arrive per day during the tournament’s peak weeks.

Shuttles from neighboring countries

The new international airport will also start operating the next phase of the expansion project next month. It can then serve 58 million passengers a year.

Since not all fans can stay overnight in Qatar, there will be many daily shuttle flights from neighboring countries. For example from Kuwait and Muscat in Oman, Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia as well as Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

Fewer flights from Qatar Airways

An entire fleet of airlines helps with this. In addition to Qatar Airways, it participates in shuttle flights such as Air Arabia, flydubai, Jazeera Airways, Kuwait Airways, Oman Air and Saudia.

However, Qatar’s national airline is also forced to adjust its flight schedule so that shuttle flights can be taken. A total of seven percent of Qatar Airways’ regular flight schedule will not be carried out.