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Princess Athena (10 years old) is bullied at school

Princess Athena (10 years old) is bullied at school

Athena (10 years old) is the only princess of Denmark until the end of the year and is therefore bullied. Her parents criticize the minors.


The basics in brief

  • Young members of the Danish royal family suffer from title revocation.
  • Princess Athena (10 years old) is being bullied by her classmates.
  • Father Joachim talks about the palace’s punishment of his sons.

At the end of the year will Denmark You lose four princes and princesses: Joachim (53), Marie (46), Nikolai (23), Felix (20), Henrik (13) and Athena (10) Then they lose their titles. Queen Margaret (82) decided so. Her youngest son and his family I’m not excited about it.

Even the youngest of them, Athena, suffers as a result. because like them Mother Mary told BT that she was bullied at school. Children come to her and ask: “Aren’t you a princess anymore?” ». Children also felt “excluded” from the palace.

Marie, second wife of Joachim and Mother Henrik and Athena, also criticizing the royal family: “The children were shown to the public in a very short time.” Parents did not have enough time to prepare them for the change and people’s reactions.

Prince Joachim is still going one step further: he will “punish” his children by withdrawing their title. he has Only five days before the audience Learn about it.

Were you bullied at school?

Another plan was presented to him in May. As a result, children will have their nicknames until the age of 25. birthday may keep.

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