May 23, 2024

Great Britain: Former Boris Johnson's advisor attacked

Great Britain: Former Boris Johnson’s advisor attacked

According to the former chief adviser to Boris Johnson, tens of thousands of Britons needlessly lost their lives in the pandemic due to the government’s massive failure. However, it is doubtful whether the allegations caused permanent damage to Johnson, especially since Cummings’ credibility was damaged.

Before the Parliamentary Committee, Dominic Cummings launched an unprecedented all-out offensive against Boris Johnson and his administration.

Reuters TV / Reuters

Dominic Cummings is one of the most colorful figures in British politics in recent years. The chancellor was seen as the mastermind of the European Union’s opponents in the 2016 Brexit vote, and later pulled the strings as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief strategist at Downing Street until he escaped after an altercation with Johnson’s friend Carrie Symonds last December. On Wednesday, the London government bubble was once again under the influence of Cummings, who spoke to a House of Commons committee about how the government was fighting the pandemic in 2020. The marathon session was a public account in which Cummings compared Prime Minister Johnson to an “unsupervised shopping cart.” He called for the resignation of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, and identified incompetence and chaos throughout the administration.

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