The final “7 vs. Wild” upsets fans

Fritz Meinecke and Knosi embrace in the season finale.Photo: Fritz Meinecke/Youtube

On December 28, the finale of the second season of “7 vs. Wild” appeared on YouTube – in fact, five participants made it to the finale. The arrangement, which was eventually announced at the campfire, was a surprise. Last year’s winner Fritz Meeneke was only third, behind Otto and wildcard candidate Joris.

Although the episode offers an emotional moment when Otto and Fritz capture Knosei, there is also a disappointment for fans. The episode is actually very short and lacks a feature from last season.

Criticism of the “7 Against the Wild” Finale

The final episode is approximately 36 minutes long, thus shorter than the previous finale (43 minutes). Fans were hoping for more from this episode in particular – especially compared to the regular releases, some of which were close to feature-length. The reunion talks between the participants weren’t enough for this scene:

Elsewhere, the ending is referred to as “loveless”. The final episode of the previous season featured separate campfires, with the network’s stars sharing their experiences of the past few days. There is no similar debriefing now – and the audience misses it.

The comparison with the “rotten German test” also falls on Twitter. “The most important part of the text was somehow spat out on paper because there was no time left,” is the bitter conclusion:

This person also came to the conclusion: “The campfire was nicer in the first season.”

Constant ads annoy viewers

In addition, by the way, the ad was annoying at times – especially given the rather short overall viewing time.

Because every time a participant was selected by the team, they were immediately handed a bottle of y-Food. Then he was photographed in front of the backdrop of a picturesque island, eyeing the drink and taking a big sip from the bottle.

There was also a reference to the special “7 vs. Wild” edition and how good this brew was after seven days on the island.

The company is one of the main sponsors of the format and has also promoted prior to previous episodes.

“7 against the Wild”: this is how the stars perform

In the end, Knosi in particular was celebrated, though he “only” made it as high as fourth. Only a few expected that it would last until the end. He himself could not believe it – his rivals Fritz Meinecke and Ottogerd Karsch felt the same way.

Down the line is of course Nova and Sabrina, who both surrendered voluntarily. In front of them is Sasha.

Additionally, the “7 vs. Wild” finale revealed how much weight each participant lost during their time on the island. In this regard, Knosi is on top. Seven days later, he weighed 9.4kg less than when he arrived.


Participants in the “Wild 7 against Panama”


Participants in the “Wild 7 against Panama”

Source: screenshot: youtube

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