July 15, 2024

Pakistan International Airlines: The Secret of the Lost Flight Attendant

Pakistan International Airlines: The Secret of the Lost Flight Attendant

A Pakistan Air hostess international and a flight attendant in Canada did not attend the return flights. The airline reacts to a strict procedure.

On the go flight from Islamabad PK798, it was still operating normally. When a Boeing 777 was supposed to return from Pakistan International Airlines, the flight attendant was no longer in service. Then the airline notified the Canadian immigration authorities.

It happened again a few days later. A Pakistan International Airlines flight attendant was suddenly no longer found in Toronto, The Express Tribune reported. The airline has now responded to the incidents.

From now on, the passports will be confiscated

Pakistan International on Monday (1 February) issued new guidelines according to which flight attendants must hand over their passports to the station manager upon arrival abroad. This comes from an email that has been sent to the newspaper Daybreak Present. After that, the hosts will receive their passports again before the return flight.

In the future, it will also check whether the crew is checking in at the hotel. Pakistan International requires hotels to report any discrepancies. Referring to the epidemic, the crew is now also prohibited from staying out of the residence overnight.

Similar cases in previous years

There have been other similar cases with PIA in recent years. In 2020, a cabin crew member disappeared in Toronto, and in 2019 an employee disappeared in Paris. In 2018, a flight attendant applied for asylum in Canada after arriving in Toronto.