July 15, 2024

UK webinar: Free movement of workers and recruitment ›WE

UK webinar: Free movement of workers and recruitment ›WE

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Hundreds of thousands of German workers work in the UK. They were subject to free movement of workers until the end of 2020 – an EU regulation for equal treatment of all employees of member states. These privileges no longer apply on departure.

The UK has implemented a points-based immigration system that regulates the issuance of visas. There are also changes to the permanent residence law for European Union citizens. On the contrary, the arrival of British workers in Germany would be more difficult. What about social security to post? Is a Surchage Health Surchage required for long stays? Which business trips to the UK are still allowed and what about service provision in the UK?

Attorney d. Sybil Steiner, Partner, will be Irwin Mitchell LLB, London February 16, 2021 from 10 AM to 12 PMr to report innovations and special features.

The subscription fee is 60 euros. Details and registration: https://veranstaltungen.ostwestfalen.ihk.de/grossbritannien-after-brexit

The webinar is conducted via Microsoft Teams.

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