February 23, 2024

Ossie bakery refuses to provide coffee to helicopter rescuers

Different sympathiser! A bakery in Austria’s attitude towards a rescue helicopter crew is currently sparking outrage.

Because they did not have any money, the employees of the Ruetz branch in Zillertal refused to serve them coffee. Aviation rescuers offered to pay off the debt soon afterward.

Connie Nachberger, who was also on board the helicopter, told the Kron newspaper that he was stunned. “We were flying back from a mission and the fog prevented us from landing for the time being.” Then the pilot found a gap in the fog – and was able to land near Odernze (Ö).

“Then we waited for about two hours in the cold chopper for the weather to improve. Then we wanted to have three cups of coffee at the Ruetz branch next door – we were really, really cold.” They were aware that no one had taken any money with them on the rescue mission. “We had paid our way home that evening.”

But the bakery staff had no pity for the crew, who were wearing full rescue gear. “One employee made it very clear that everything was only available for immediate payment,” Nashberger recalls. Hungry and thirsty, they had to return to the cold helicopter.

“I am convinced that in this case we would have had something in every home in Tyrol,” Nachberger emphasizes. As a rule, they are served coffee in every hut without asking for it.

After the incident, Nashberger contacted Ruetz-Backhaus via email. In response, he received an offer for a coupon and a chat. But for the crew, it’s not about the coupon. She simply feels misunderstood and will avoid the branch in the future.

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