June 20, 2024

Oppo announces strategic partnership with Hasselblad

Oppo announces strategic partnership with Hasselblad

Electronics manufacturer Oppo has announced a strategic partnership with Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad in the field of mobile imaging. As part of a three-year collaboration, both companies are aiming for new camera technologies for the flagship models of the Oppo Find series. The focus is on advances in color science, through which mobile imaging must be improved for the “Hasselblad Camera for Mobile,” according to a statement from Oppo.

A corresponding partnership between Hasselblad and OnePlus has been in place for some time. Now this should also extend to Oppo, it has also been said.

color performance

The developments resulting from the partnership should offer more natural colors and a more accurate image experience. Therefore, software improvements will be the first steps. According to the announcement, the first results of the collaboration between Oppo and “Hasselblad Camera for Mobile” can be seen in the new generation of the flagship Oppo Find X series, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

“For both Oppo and Hasselblad, camera color performance is a key strategic focus. We are excited to shape the future of ‘Hasselblad Camera for Mobile’ together,” said Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer, Oppo.

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