February 25, 2024

One of the biggest fighting games for PS5 is getting a German fighter who delights fans: ‘I’ve been waiting for this’

The final part of the popular fighting game series will be released in January 2024. In Tekken 8, not only new characters but also some familiar faces will find their way to the battlefield. You can see an old character in the current trailer.

what is he talking about? A returning Tekken 8 character has been introduced in a new trailer. Leo Klaessen has been mixing with fighters since the sixth part of the series and now he also introduces himself with beautiful graphics.

Tekken 8 will be released on January 26, 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox.

We’ve included the Leo trailer here for you:

What does the trailer show? Before the trailer begins and shows off some of the gameplay and combat, it begins with an announcement from Leo himself: “Are you ready? Then go!”

Since the character himself is of German descent, the developers made sure that Leo speaks German. Voice actor Philip Zishang He took over the sound for this.

As seen in the trailer, Leo moves quickly and skillfully across the battlefield, striking hard with powerful punches and kicks.

Opponents hardly have any time to hit themselves between the rapid alternation of hand and foot movement.

Finally, the show shows off a very cool finishing move, where Leo swings over opponents with a hook and then kicks them in the face with enough momentum.

What are the reactions? Feedback (via Youtube) on the trailer was very positive.

It seems that many fans are really looking forward to the new part. User HuntShowdownLab wrote that despite being away from Tekken for a long time, every new trailer for the eighth installment makes the game look more interesting.

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We’ve picked out some comments about Leo himself here:

  • FieryAnubis writes: “I like that Leo’s character is ‘simple and to the point.’ Not too fancy or over the top, just simple and strong.
  • LundisQuie writes: “I don’t know how they managed to make Leo look more feminine and more masculine at the same time, but they did it. Kudos to them.”
  • apaladinoflight305 wrote: “Leoss’ fighting style is so beautiful, flowing and elegant, almost like a dance, but powerful at the same time!”

What do you think of Leo’s new look in Tekken 8? Feel free to join the discussion.

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