December 4, 2023

One developer’s project Manor Lords: City Builder has a release date

from Thilo Bayer
Manor Lords, the most popular city builder on Steam, now has a release date for Steam and GoG Early Access. The time will come in April 2023. There’s also a new trailer to go along with it.

PCGH has already reported several times on the unusual project by one developer, Manor Lords. Now things are getting serious for the project.

Postponement and early arrival are essential

As announced by publisher Hooded Horse at yesterday’s Xbox event, the medieval city builder is set to enter early access on Steam and GoG on April 26, 2024 – as well as integration into PC Game Pass. German is also supported as a language. on List of the most requested games on Steam Manor Lords took third place behind Hades 2 and Hollo Knight: Silksong, and the game took first place in the city building category. It is somewhat surprising that developers and publishers choose the Early Access route; Until now, it was assumed that the release would be “complete”.

The original plan for “Slavic Magic”, the only official developer, was until 2023. But on Twitter/X explains itHe did not achieve the goal. It was a difficult decision, but Manor Lords simply needs more bug fixes and improvements, even for Early Access. In addition to the massive battles, the new trailer also showcases rural life and weather effects.

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As a reminder, the medieval building strategy game Manor Lords caused quite a stir when it was first announced in 2020. This is also due to the fact that there is only one developer behind the project. The fact that only one developer should be responsible for Manor Lords, given the attractive graphics and scope of the game, made players sit up and take notice. At least the Steam beta, which expired in October 2022, attracted 300,000 players, the publisher announced.

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