Olympia 2021: As with the European Football Championship, Great Britain is desperate for Italy at the Olympics

It is a summer that will remain forever in the history of Italian sports. Rarely have there been such successes in a few months – and on the contrary, sports fans on the island now have to be very brave again.

In the men’s 4x100m relay, there was only a split second between happiness and disappointment. Hundredths of a second were decisive and it was not the favourite but the foreigner who took the title.

Disappointment and frustration in the British press was correspondingly great, though the same renewed narrow defeat, especially the renewed victory of Italy seemed a thorn in the side. “Not Italy Again” is the headline in Britain’s Daily Mail, which means: “Not Italy again.”

Olympia Tokyo 2020

Olympia in Tokyo: schedule, calendar, highlights of the Summer Games

01/28/2021 AM 08:58

Whether it’s Wembley or Tokyo, Italian joy means British tears this summer.

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