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Now Heiko Vogel has a job at FC Basel that he didn’t even want

Now Heiko Vogel has a job at FC Basel that he didn’t even want

In fact, he didn’t want to be a coach at Bayern anymore, but now this is his only job.Image: Cornerstone

After a disappointing start to the season, Basel pulled the strings and ended the form with Heiko Vogel in the double role. Now the German was just a bottom-of-the-table coach – even though he didn’t want to be.

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There’s one thing you can’t blame FC Basel for: they’re never bored at the Rhine Knee. Now there have been other changes at the management level; Instead of a single sporting director, a committee was once again formed to provide joint advice on transfers and other sporting matters. This sports committee includes, among others, club legends Marco Streller and Valentin Stocker. Above is President David Degen.

This means that Heiko Vogel will be sacked eleven months after being appointed sporting director. His assessment is worrying. In the summer, he failed to field a competitive team in time, breaking his promise that the majority of the previous season’s squad would stay together. In addition, of the 14 players he signed during his tenure as sporting director, almost none of them could really impress him.

However, in the eyes of officials, appointing Timo Schulz as coach may have been the biggest mistake. The 46-year-old was released after just seven league appearances. The conclusion must be allowed: Heiko Vogel has failed as a sporting director. That’s why Bayern pulled the rope and finished the pattern with Vogel in the double role.

So the German is just a coach. Thus he got the job he didn’t even want. He has emphasized this several times in the past. Even as Bayern celebrated great success under Vogel by entering the conference league, he made it clear several times that he did not want to remain coach for a long time.

When a new coach was found in Schulz and Vogel returned to the background, he categorically ruled out a return to the bench. President Dejean also said he no longer wanted to see Vogel on the sidelines.

However, after Schulz was fired at the end of September, the two backed down and made it clear that Vogel was the best option for the team in the current situation of ‘Rotblau’. But the new old coach didn’t sound particularly thrilled when he said he was doing it primarily “because the whole first-team staff” wanted it that way. But now he had no choice but to accept the mission and, above all, celebrate the quick successes.

Because: In three matches since Vogel took charge, Bayern have not collected a single point yet. A 3-0 defeat at newly promoted Stade Lausanne-Ouchy on their return turned into a real embarrassment for the former league dominant, who are now bottom of the table.

To prevent this from continuing for a long time, the team was in the boxing basement this week, as Tollant Xhaka said in an interview with “Scenery» He reveals: “Get rid of your anger, just do something other than tactics and systems.” The Bayern veteran’s support for the coach continues. “Heiko Vogel is not the problem,” Xhaka explains. “We players have to finally do what he tells us.”

Despite the support of experienced players in the team, the coach’s time is slowly running out. If Basel also fail to impress in their next two Premier League matches against other promoted sides Lausanne-Sport and Yverdon, coach Heiko Vogel may suffer the same fate as sporting director Heiko Vogel.

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