May 22, 2024

Thanks to Villiger's dream goal: FC Luzern wins 1-0 over Yverdon


Thanks to Villiger's dream goal: FC Luzern wins 1-0 over Yverdon Sport

Duty fulfilled is what FCL are saying after the simple win over Yverdon. As far as football was concerned, the only thing the spectators had in Allmend was a Villiger goal.

FC Lucerne: Yverdon-Sport FC 1:0 (1:0)

FCL starting lineup

For once, it's not Luka Jacquez who starts alongside Jesper Lofgren in the starting line-up, but rather veteran Denis Cemani. Lenny Meyer starts at fullback for injured Martin Frederic. Dario Ulrich also replaces the recently weakened Severin Otiger. In midfield, Levin Winkler plays for the suspended Pius Dorn. Lars Veliger and Adrian Grbic are allowed to play for the Storm.

the goal

Lars Veliger scores a dream goal.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Lucerne, April 4, 2024)

The second minute: What a goal! Jerbek comments Villager After 67 seconds of play, the young striker shot with his right foot from outside the penalty area. The ball hits goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni without stopping.

Match report

The starting position is clear; If the Champions League wants to maintain its chance of reaching the Champions League, a win over Yverdon is almost essential. And the team seems to feel that way. The Blue and White needed only 67 seconds to take the lead thanks to a stunning goal by Villiger.

After the first goal, FCL continued their attacking effort and immediately looked for the second goal. Bernardoni was able to keep out a shot from Max Meyer and the Yverdon goalkeeper was also able to save a shot from Winkler. That should have actually been a help to Villiger. The FCL talent showed a brilliant first half against Diouf Vaud – even if he was too defensive in a duel in the 16th minute and picked up a yellow card.

It was a great start, but unfortunately the game slowed down a lot from the middle of the first half. Through occasional poor passing, you build up the opposition from Yverdon, and the Vaudois also create a scoring chance or two. After 45 minutes there was nothing left of the fireworks that had started.

Ardon Jashari was unable to make a difference in the first half.

Ardon Jashari was unable to make a difference in the first half.

Photo: Urs Flüler/Keystone (Luzerne, April 4, 2024)

At the start of the second half there was at least another sign of life from Lucerne. Max Mayer goes down in the penalty area, but referee Stefan Horisberger on the field and Urs Schneider in Volketswil think the German let himself go down a little too easily.

In the 56th minute, the Allmend fans chanted again. Villier scored what should have been his second goal of the evening – but the assistant referee's flag was up and the Champions League striker was offside. But at least: the Flexible Credit Line (FCL) is now playing a little braver again. And Villager is always the center of attention. Once he fired Grbic with a throw-in, and another time he sent a wonderful pass to Max Mayer.

With the strength in the FCL now waning badly, Mario Frick added three new strengths in the 76th minute. Thibaut Clije, Severin Oettiger and Nicholas Haas should bring new momentum to the game. It's time to work with Max Mayer, top scorer Vliger and Lenny Mayer. But this does not change anything, but on the other hand, it was Vaudois who hit the crossbar with another ball.

Fortunately, FCL were able to defend their narrow lead until the end of the match. The people of Lucerne have done their duty, but nothing more. This game wasn't any fun, except for a great performance by Lars Feliger.

FCL can celebrate the victory.  Thanks Lars Villiger.

FCL can celebrate the victory. Thanks Lars Villiger.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Lucerne, April 4, 2024)

This is what FCL coach Mario Fricke says

“We made the game unnecessarily exciting.”

“With Denis Simani and Adrian Grbic, we wanted to provide our young players with experienced veteran players.”

This is what the Champions League coach said after the match.

Video: Pilatus today

FCL feedback

Top scorer Villiger in an interview.

Video: Pilatus today

Goalkeeper Pascal Lauritz after the match.

Video: Pilatus today

FCL scores

Lars Villier has a strong performance, Lenny Meijer can't replace Martin Frederic – these are the Champions League results against Yverdon


Lucerne – Yverdon 1:0 (1:0)
Swissport Arena. – 10,514 spectators. – S. R. Horisberger.
Goal: 2. Villiger (Gurbek) 1:0.
Lucerne: Loritz. Ulrich, Löfgren, Cemani, Lenny Mayer (77 Otiger); Jashari; Winkler (91. Jaquez), Beloco; Max Mayer (76. Haas); Villager (76 Kledge), Grbeek.
Yverdon: Bernardoni. Marquez (62. Longuy), Del Fabbro (85. Gunnarsson), Tijani; Rodriguez, Liziero, Cespedes, Kaminovic (72. Olesen); Loswena (85 Malola); Maheus (85. Kevin Carlos), Alves.
comments: Lucerne are without Dorn (suspension), Adeyemi, Pekka, Chader, Frederic, Kadak and Spadanoda (all injured). Yverdon is without Cornes, da Silva, Grudem, Jacquenaud, Curie, Le Bougham, Morin, Sautier and Thasar (all injured). – Villier’s goal No. 57 was disallowed due to offside. 80. Longway shot hits the crossbar – Bookings: 16. Villiers, 48. Lizero, 66. Del Fabbro, 68. Lofgren, 75. Rodriguez (all fouls).

Results and table


This English week happens in quick succession. FCL does not have long to prepare for their next opponent. The next home game will be played on Sunday. At 2.15pm, the next team from Vaud, Lausanne Sport, will be welcomed to Allmend.

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