April 23, 2024

Norway's royal family: Princess Märtha Louise resigns from official positions

Norway’s royal family: Princess Märtha Louise resigns from official positions

Princess Märtha Louise and fiancé Doric Feret at the celebration of the 18th birthday of the hereditary Norwegian Princess Ingrid Alexandra. Photo: Liz Cerud // d

She wants to separate her business activities from her role in the royal family: Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise is going her own way.

Oslo – Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise, 51, who is engaged to a shaman, will not perform any official royal duties until further notice. On Tuesday, the Norwegian royal family announced in Oslo that they want to help ensure that their private business activities are separated from their role in court more clearly.

She therefore decided, in consultation with her father, King Harald V (85) and the closest family, not to take on any official duties for the time being. Harald decided that she would keep the title of Princess.

Organizations sponsoring the move is the sister of Crown Prince Haakon (49). Other representatives of the royal family should take their place.

Martha Louise got engaged to Derek Ferrett, also known in the United States as Shaman Doric, in June. The princess has been criticized several times in recent years for mixing business interests and her official title.

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“The Princess and her fiancé Derek Verrett want to clarify the difference between their activities and the royal family,” the court said. This means, among other things, that the title of Princess and references to members of the royal family are no longer used on their own channels in social networks or in media productions. After the wedding, Ferret will be part of the royal family, but will not have titles or perform representative duties. Martha Louise herself said that with her decision she wanted to help ensure peace for the royal family and her fiancé.

The move appears to have its background in Ferrett’s controversial statements about health issues. Among other things, he said on Instagram in the summer that he refused hospital treatment after contracting the coronavirus and instead needed a medal to recover again. Martha Louise has now explained in an Instagram video that, as a trained physical therapist, she is interested in health and research. However, it considers alternative medicine an important complement to conventional medicine.