June 20, 2024

Great Britain bans flights from Qatar, Oman and Ethiopia

Great Britain bans flights from Qatar, Oman and Ethiopia

England has placed Qatar, Oman and Ethiopia on a “red list” that suspends all flights between affected countries.

Starting Friday, March 19, at 4 am, England has placed several countries on the “red list” in order to protect the vaccination program “against variants of concern,” as it is called. In addition to Ethiopia, Oman and Somalia, increasing travel restrictions now also apply to Qatar. The inclusion of Qatar on the list is particularly inconvenient for international travelers to London and Manchester, as Qatar Airways is an airline that offers long-haul flights while other airlines are suspending their flights. This reports among others samchui.com.

Flugbann should reduce the risks of the new variants

What does it mean for a country to be on the Red List of England if it is included in this category? According to the UK government, this means that British and Irish citizens and non-residents (including long-term visa holders) coming from Red List countries must be housed in a government-approved hotel quarantine facility for a period of ten days. The government said the move “comes after new data showing an increased risk of introducing worrisome variables.” The government statement goes on to state:

With more than 24 million vaccines delivered in the UK so far, the move will help reduce the risk of new variants – such as those first identified in South Africa and Brazil – entering England.

British government statement

A Qatar Airways Boeing 787

Therefore, starting Friday, March 19, at 4:00 AM, visitors who have departed or traveled through these countries in the past 10 days will be banned from entering England. Only British and Irish citizens or resident residents (including holders of long-term visas) are permitted to enter and are required to reside in a government-approved facility for a period of ten days. During their stay, they have to undergo a coronavirus test on the second and eighth day. Anyone traveling through Doha is also subject to the England Red List travel terms. However, Scotland does not (yet) have Qatar on the list of “acute risk countries”.

Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland with no similar restrictions

Due to the division of state responsibilities, other countries that are part of the United Kingdom have their own lists and restrictions. Hence, it appears that at the present time Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland do not impose similar restrictions on Qatar. Scotland is of particular interest because it is the only other destination to which Qatar Airways currently offers a direct route from Doha – with the capital, Edinburgh.

The Scottish list was last updated on March 1, which means there is a chance that Scotland will follow England’s lead and put Ethiopia, Oman, Somalia and Qatar on its own list of “high risk countries”. In general, the countries of the United Kingdom had very similar travel restrictions.

Conclusion on the British flight ban

For many traveling to and from Great Britain or England, it is now more difficult again – especially on international routes. Because with the update of the “red list”, with Qatar Airways, many of the long-haul destinations are no longer viable. It is now important for the affected countries to control the situation in order to “escape” from the list again.

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