June 24, 2024

Vaccine production: The vaccine official complains about the US blockade

Vaccine production: The vaccine official complains about the US blockade

DrThe Federal Government’s Vaccination Commissioner, Christophe Krupp, complains about insufficient supply of essential materials for the production of the vaccine to the European Union. The reason for this was that the United States did not impose an export ban, but agreed to a “classified order” with the suppliers, Krupp said Wednesday on NTV. This allows the US government to tell manufacturers that they have to meet US needs first before they can ship their products overseas. “I am a supporter of free global trade, but global supply relationships are not going as they should,” Krupp said. Now such disputes will be gathered all over Europe, and then the European Union will contact the White House, “such obstacles are such as these,” says Krupp.

He also criticized the Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Söder, on Monday, according to information from “Bild”, the Americans. Regarding the fact that monkeys have already been vaccinated against Coronavirus in the United States, Söder is said to have said on the CSU board: “If Americans have a lot of vaccines that they can even vaccinate monkeys, they can vaccinate them. He also supports friends in Europe.” The embassy protested. The claim that there is a ban on the export of vaccines is “simply untrue,” as stated in a letter quoted by “Bild” in Berlin on the accusation.

Last week, European Council President Charles Michel blamed Americans for delivery problems. Also at the time, the Biden government indicated that there was no export ban. And it said in a statement that all vaccine manufacturers have the right to export their products as long as they have previously fulfilled their obligations to the United States.

In fact, in early 2020 the US administration led by Donald Trump began entering into contracts with vaccine manufacturers, even with the risk that the products never existed. In addition, the government contracted with producers of raw materials to secure the supply chain for manufacturing vaccines.

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