June 22, 2024

Nico Feldner

Nico Feldner has been loaned to Sheffield Steelers

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High striker Nico Feldner will continue the season in Great Britain. Sheffield Steelers has Tyrolean services Guaranteed at the end of the season.

Thanks to his strong performance in Haie, many scouts have Nico Feldner on their roster. Now the leaders of the elite ice hockey league of Great Britain, the Sheffield Steelers, have struck. He is supposed to support Nico Steelers in the fight for the title and is already traveling to England today. His head coach will be a well-known face in Innsbruck. Aaron Fox is set to lead the Steelers to the title. The American wore the Shark Dress from 2011 to 2013. A fellow in Sheffield also has a shark past. Defenseman Adrian Saxrud-Danielsen was part of the Haie organization last year and is now in service with the Steelers.

The Hay family is thrilled with the great opportunity for Nico Feldner. “He really deserved it with his performance. It will be a great experience for Nico for sure,” GMAss said. Max Steincher.

Nico Feldner: “The offer from Sheffield made me very happy and I am grateful to the club and especially to Max (Steincher) for making this possible for me. The experience of playing abroad will definitely help me in my future career.”

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