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We already informed About advertising Asmodees to The first expansion for “The Chronicles of Avel”. Here she is now More information to Family game to 1-4 people from 8 years old. when offensive games You can use the extension to Pre-order for €37.99. It must appear end of the second quarter. You can still take our test here Read about the base game.

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This is what the game is about

In The Chronicles of Avel, you play together to save Castle Avel. In each round you can discover new locations, fight monsters, and perform location or rest actions. After a few rounds, a piece of Dark Moon landed and a monster rose from the crater.

Are you ready enough to defeat them and protect the castle?

This brings expansion

extension “The Chronicles of Avel: New Adventures” brings you Three scenariosthat Individually or like Evil Shards Campaign he can play

There are also 13 blank 3D shapes and tiles that you can use to create your own gear. For new challenges, there are four new game modules (The Moon Monster, Oberon, Titania, and Cruel Monsters), which can be combined with the base game and the expansion.

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