New secret gift code gives you free items for a short time

A new Crimson and Crimson Mystery Gift Code is available.

In Pokémon Crimson, you can once again dust off free items. Periodically, Game Freak will release new codes that you can use to claim content through the Mystery Gift option. Also shortly before the holidays there is a new code that is only valid for three days.

  • This is the new secret gift code: Happy New Year
  • This is in it: 50 TB block of ice type

Only valid for a short time: Code only to Dec. 26 at 12:59 a.m German time is available. So if you want to secure items, don’t wait too long. While the pieces of Tera may be less interesting to many than some of the other symbols that give you things like sandwich ingredients, a gift horse…you know.

As the name suggests, Tera Pieces allow you to change the type of Tera in your Pokémon. For this you must have completed the arena in Mesclarra and you can then talk to the chef in the “Schatzstube” restaurant.

We have an overview of all valid scarlet/purple codes for you here:

All current icons at a glance


Crimson Pokemon / Crimson Mysterious Gifts

All current icons at a glance

More about Pokémon Crimson / Crimson:

How to redeem Mystery Gifts in Pokémon Crimson / Crimson

To claim the mystery gift, you must do the following at Crimson & Crimson:

  1. menu (X button)
  2. PokePortal
  3. Secret gift
  4. Received the gift
  5. Received by serial code (in this case here Happy New Year Enter)

By the way, you don’t need Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for secret gifts, but you must connect your adapter to the internet to receive the rewards. In addition, the function in the game must first be unlocked, but this happens very early.

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Will you get the free items?

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