July 12, 2024

there is something!  Echo gets the World First Kill, defeating Raszageth

there is something! Echo gets the World First Kill, defeating Raszageth

11 days later, the race for “world’s first kill” is on World of Warcraft Dragonflight he ran. Echo wins the exciting race.

Raszageth the Storm Eater’s first global kill occurred in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The Echo Guild managed to send the final boss of the Vault of Incarnations to the digital afterlife on Mythic difficulty. The race is over just before Christmas – and it takes a lot of pressure off the players.

You can watch the final draw here (from 09:12:20):

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Significant improvement in a short time: Interesting how the crass Echo has improved in the past few hours. Less than a day ago, it seemed nearly impossible to defeat Raszageth without much better equipment. Because the final stage is a brutal race against time, and on the first attempts the boss still had 20% of his life points when the raid was completely wiped out.

The race went longer than expected: In fact, before starting the raid, the Guilds had expected the race to be decided in 3 or 4 days. Because the first raid of an expansion is usually relatively easy. Additionally, Blizzard didn’t want raid players to have to struggle in the raid over the Christmas holidays when they actually wanted to spend meditative time with family and friends. After 11 days, the race had gone on much longer than expected.

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It took a whopping 265 tries for Echo to finally defeat Raszageth.

But at least: Echo is home in time for Christmas and can now enjoy the holidays. At least a little bit, because in the coming weeks and months millions of gold will have to be earned and distributed again, because such a first race in the world devours huge sums.

Have you watched Race for the World First? Are you going to party with Echo or are you going to kill another guild?