December 8, 2023

New problems with Apple smartphone: The charger in the BMW is said to be destroying the new iPhone

Clearly, BMWs and a new iPhone are not a good combination.


New problems for new iPhones. The wireless charger built into some BMW vehicles is said to destroy an important chip in smartphones.

no time? Blue News sums it up for you

  • It looks like wireless charging for BMW’s new iPhone could destroy an important chip.
  • A fix doesn’t seem possible, and the only option left for affected owners is to replace their iPhone.
  • The reason is unclear, but there have been previous reports of new iPhone overheating issues.

More and more cars are being delivered with wireless chargers. The smartphone must simply be placed there and then it is charged by induction without having to fiddle with different cables and connections.

But in some BMWs, wireless charging appears to cause irreparable damage to the new iPhone 15, such as “Macrumors.” mentioned. Specifically, this process appears to damage the iPhone’s NFC chip.

The reason is still unclear

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is used, among other things, for contactless payments via Apple Pay. Since there is no way to repair the NFC chip individually, the only option for affected users is to replace the entire smartphone.

It is still unclear what exactly causes the chip to fail. When charging wirelessly, the temperature of the smartphone usually rises significantly. Overheating issues have already been reported with the iPhone 15.