December 4, 2023

New Pixel feature announced for Fold, Buds Pro, and more

Aside from the incremental updates, there are new feature drops for some Pixel devices and services.

At the beginning of the October event, Google announced the new Pixel Features Drop and promised some innovations. This includes the new dual-screen translation mode for the Pixel Fold. The two displays are used to use the Pixel Fold as a convenient live translator. This means that both people can read translations at the same time.

Another update arrives on the Google home page. The application will soon be expanded to include artificial intelligence so that the user has a better overview and at the same time can create new actions more easily. On the one hand, the AI ​​summarizes the various activities recorded by your Nest camera, for example. This is supposed to be more practical than classic nutrition, which quickly becomes confusing.

Google Home Highlights

Routines can be created quickly with AI because you can tell the app your needs and Google Home will then create or suggest an appropriate routine. This could be a great thing to make your smart home even smarter.

Many innovations for Pixel Buds Pro

Google has also made the update for the Pixel Buds Pro official. This includes automatic transparency mode when someone is talking to you. Or the new Game Mode that can reduce latency by 50 percent. We’ve already summarized what’s coming for the Pixel Buds Pro in another article.

Pixel Buds Pro October 2023 update

New camera app

The new feature drop also includes the renewed version of Google Camera, which is already being rolled out via update. In particular, the entire control area has been improved.

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Other innovations include an improved power saving mode, you can automatically open RAW images in the editor of your choice, streaming apps for Chromebooks becomes available, improved navigation for kids on the Pixel Tablet, and Google Assistant can now play podcasts on the Pixel Tablet Playing messages on demand.

The Pixel feature will be dropped in October 2023 in video

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