December 8, 2023

Teamgroup promises the new king of DDR5 overclocking

from Sven Beaudoin
Taiwanese memory manufacturer Teamgroup is promising nothing less than the “state-of-the-art overclocking memory modules” with its new T-Force Xtreem memory series and wants to offer its fans “amazing overclocking performance.” The emphasis should be on special heat sinks and heat-conducting silicone.

Taiwanese memory manufacturer Teamgroup promises the new memory series T-Force Extreme It is nothing less than the “king of overclocking memory modules” and would like to offer enthusiasts “amazing overclocking performance”, which in turn should be achieved through particularly good cooling.

Better cooling for higher memory speed

The New Taipei-based company places special emphasis on cooling its latest T-Force directly to the memory components (“ICs”) and can be glued together thus achieving an optimal cooling effect.

Using patented IC rating testing and verification technology, the upper limit of DDR5 frequency has been raised to create a high-speed memory module designed specifically for gamers.

Featuring the iconic T-Force logo, the Xtreem design exudes confidence and elegance befitting the latest king of overclocking memory modules.

Team grouppress release

Specific and verified memory components (“ICs”) are intended to ensure better results when it comes to overclocking DDR5 memory kits, which will be offered at memory speeds of 7600, 8000 and 8200 MT/s. What is now an exception in the field of gaming consoles is the design language, which does not require any RGB lighting.

T-Force Extreme DDR5
Source: Team Team

T-Force, but the manufacturer has not mentioned the prices yet.