May 24, 2024

Netflix users: This email requires a quick response


Updated March 7, 2024 at 11:52 AM

Streaming provider Netflix is ​​currently contacting a group of customers. These are Apple subscribers who are required to change their payment method. This is what lies behind it.

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Netflix is ​​currently informing users of an important change. This is what they reported, among other things “Technology book” And “Hays Online”. This affects customers who subscribe to the streaming service through Apple, i.e. through the in-app purchase interface. You will be notified via email that this payment method is no longer available.

It appears that the payment method must be changed immediately in order to continue using the service. Netflix explains this On his side: “Some members in some Apple-billed countries may be required to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.”

Your old Netflix subscription is no longer usable?

According to Techbook reports, details about the real consequences are unknown. But if users don't change their payment method and thus lose their subscription, it will be especially annoying for users of the old ad-free basic subscription. This is currently no longer available, so customers can only choose the basic subscription with ads (€4.99 per month), the standard subscription (€12.99) or the premium subscription (€17.99).

Netflix: How customers are changing their payment method

Netflix announced in October that it wants to focus more on advertising, which will become “essential” to its streaming business. For this reason, the basic subscription that was previously available in Germany for €7.99 is no longer available to new customers. Subscriptions via Apple's in-app purchase interface have been no longer possible in the Netflix app since 2018 (the exception is Netflix mobile games, for which a standard subscription can be obtained).

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If customers need or want to change their payment method on Netflix, they can do so within their account settings. The corresponding payment method can then be stored in the “Manage Payment Method” area. Direct payment at Netflix can be made via PayPal, direct debit or credit card.
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